Expert Advice: finding the right destination for your group


Finding the right incentive destination for your organization isn’t easy and many planners struggle to find that perfect place. After 10 years of successful meetings and events at CEM, I’m not afraid to tell you where your next incentive should be!

Do you monitor your competitors’ incentives before you even start considering your next destination?  Do you try to come up with something that’s comparable to their reward trip, however, using a slightly different destination?  Have you settled for middle of the road incentives in the past?  Is it possible to consider the middle of the road incentives on a road to nowhere?

I challenge you to take a refreshing approach to choosing your incentive destination.   After all, if I were to ask you to tell me how you’re different than your main competitors, you’d easily find reasons to list off the differentiating points.  You’re smarter, leaner, better at providing marketing support, have longer lasting relationships, more creative, provide better bonus and rewards, and the list goes on.  Your incentive should have just as many differences so let’s start with the destination selection.  What’s important to your group?  When’s the best time to go?  Where have you wanted to go but didn’t think you should consider it?

In selecting your destination, let’s start broad with what have been your best incentives and specifically why (chances are it had little to do with the physical destination and more about the custom created experiences).  Then let’s move on to what places you haven’t considered because you just haven’t learned enough about them.  Those “different” places may hold the key to something unique and magical, giving your attendees an experience that may just be that once-in-a-lifetime moment they’ll talk about for years.

At CEM we’re different than the rest in that we’ll treat you the best.  Most of my competitors will tell you “we’ll do it however you like,” but at CEM we don’t sugar-coat or mislead. What I will do is listen to you and find out what is important to you and then I’ll share my honest opinion on how you can get the specific results that will bring YOUR organization success.  If I don’t think an incentive destination is best for your group – I’ll tell you.  Why would I want your event to be cookie-cutter or ho-hum when it can be the best out there?  Anyone can have middle of the road incentives that lead to nowhere … our job is to partner with you to make sure yours isn’t one of them.

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    2 thoughts on “Expert Advice: finding the right destination for your group

    1. Brilliant advice on destination selection, Michelle! I always enjoyed working with you because of your forward thinking. You consistently think 3 steps ahead of your clients, anticipating their every need.

    2. CEM is so successful due to the wonderful partners that we’ve worked with, like yourself, that understand serving client requests is #1! Thanks for the great feedback.

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