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Last minute budget approval and procrastination around the end of the year often brings frantic efforts to quickly book a hotel for your next year’s event. Doing so on your own can put you at huge risk.
• Avoid a hotel that insists you rush through the contract to sign off on it before the holidays, eliminating the proper review channels. (The timing may only be beneficial for the hotel sales person’s year-end sales bonus.)
• Sharing too much information can take you out of the driver’s seat. Understand what information allows you to have multiple hotels clamoring for your business and how to land that stellar deal.
• Getting the wrong person to handle your event dynamics can make the difference between a fantastic event and a mediocre one.

Our NO-COST hotel/cruise and speaker bureau booking services protect you from potential pitfalls you may not even know about, ensuring you have a successful and enjoyable event. We insist on contractual protection clauses that address your hot buttons, ensure you get the right meeting space (too many people skip this step only to have a terrible hotel experience) and protect your financial interests. Why not give our services a try and discover why we have hundreds of raving fans and have built our business based on referrals, even at the year-end last minute. Oh yeah, seriouslyat NO COST to you.


Why you'll be thankful you didn't book the speaker or hotel on your own

Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We’re familiar with this popular saying, yet too many companies keep booking their hotels, cruises and speakers on their own.

When you find a great speaker online and book them directly, not only do you have to handle the contracting, but also the moment when they call the day before your event to say they have a family emergency. Then what will you do? You can avoid this type of disaster by having a partner that can save the day for you.

• Using a speaker’s bureau can result in getting a last-minute replacement speaker–forget putting your head actuary on stage to motivate the producers.
• Take the risk out of signing the contract with an advocate on your side.
• Receive additional concessions and favor rates on certain occasions. You don’t know what to ask for, but your partner goes to dinner and spends time vacationing with these speakers, so many times, favors can come into play.

Using our NO-COST hotel / cruise and speaker research and contracting services removes many stressors from your event-planning process. We’ll ask the right questions to get you in contact with the best speaker–and often for less than you budgeted.


Princess Cruises Provide More Intimate Experience

Perspectives of Dylan DeClerck, Event Consultant

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Although Princess Cruises does not have the largest ships in the world with passenger capacity upwards of 4,000 or 5,000 people, they are considered one of the four cruise companies in the mass/contemporary market.  The contemporary market also includes Carnival Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean International, which can accommodate the largest number of passengers on their ships.

For the 2017-2018 sailing year, Princess Cruises will utilize 18 ships to sail to destinations ranging from Alaska, where the company has its strongest presence, to the Mediterranean.  The largest ships in the Princess Cruises fleet host 3,560 guests at double occupancy, which is perfect for groups that are looking for specialty restaurants, many dining options, meeting and conference space, and a variety of high-quality entertainment.  On the smallest scale, the Pacific Princess ship accommodates a maximum of 672 guests.  This type of ship is ideal for the group the wants to have a more intimate experience with their attendees.

Despite the generalizations made above, every group will have unique needs that are difficult to determine if they can be met without clear communications with cruise experts who understand the individual ships.  Ensure every accommodation your group needs fulfilled is met; count on Conference Event Management to help navigate your next cruise.

Dylan DeClerck, Princess Cruises

Why Executives Get Spooked About Group Hotel Bookings

Conference Event Management can help you with group hotel bookings






It’s no wonder why executives have concerns about their staff members booking group events directly.  When a staff member contacts a hotel and signs a contract on their own, only a few times each year, executives often question whether they’re getting the best possible deals.  It doesn’t have to be Halloween time to know the hotel or cruiseline contract can be scary to navigate on your own—and can put your company at financial risk.

Top Haunting Concerns:

•Leaving money on the table. Find a partner that touches numerous hotel and cruise contracts every day and knows how to request the clauses you need in your contract to protect you.
•Spending more than you need to. Without a consistent presence in the hotel buying market, you’re probably not getting your fair share of savings and yummy treats.
•Choosing a hotel that ultimately fails to meet your customer service and/or style expectations. Never select a hotel based on its website photos, as they can be very misleading, and never select a hotel simply because it worked five years ago. Frequent changes in hotel management means your experience could be much different this time around. Up-to-date, expert advice on the hotels that should be avoided can be the biggest factor in your event’s success, as top-booking hotels often move to the “black list” and vice versa.

Using CEM’s NO-COST hotel and cruise research and contracting services removes the spooky concerns and puts you back in the driver’s seat when we sit on your side of the table. Find out why so many clients refer us and come to count on these unbelievable NO-COST services, especially for repeat events.