Why you'll be thankful you didn't book the speaker or hotel on your own

Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. We’re familiar with this popular saying, yet too many companies keep booking their hotels, cruises and speakers on their own.

When you find a great speaker online and book them directly, not only do you have to handle the contracting, but also the moment when they call the day before your event to say they have a family emergency. Then what will you do? You can avoid this type of disaster by having a partner that can save the day for you.

• Using a speaker’s bureau can result in getting a last-minute replacement speaker–forget putting your head actuary on stage to motivate the producers.
• Take the risk out of signing the contract with an advocate on your side.
• Receive additional concessions and favor rates on certain occasions. You don’t know what to ask for, but your partner goes to dinner and spends time vacationing with these speakers, so many times, favors can come into play.

Using our NO-COST hotel / cruise and speaker research and contracting services removes many stressors from your event-planning process. We’ll ask the right questions to get you in contact with the best speaker–and often for less than you budgeted.


Seafood – The Best Way to Eat on a Cruise

Perspectives of Dylan DeClerck, Event Consultant


Post 3 of 5 in the series

While a healthy diet is good for us most of the time, there are certain places where a deviation makes sense. One of those places is during a cruise get away!

This last week, I had the opportunity to cruise from Vancouver to Los Angeles on an educational site inspection and had the chance to enjoy some cuisine delights, in addition to some of my favorite guilty pleasures. This blog explores some of the most interesting ways I witnessed guests enjoy their food on an all-inclusive cruise.


The Plus One
This technique is relevant for any sit down meal at an all-inclusive restaurant. First everyone orders their own entrée and in addition to everyone’s own meal, the table receives another entrée together. Usually this extra entrée is something exotic or new that they normally wouldn’t try individually, or maybe it’s just an entrée to compensate for the small portions they often serve.

The Triple Double
If one appetizer, one entrée, and one desert aren’t enough for your large appetite then this technique could be the go-to for you. This dining strategy involves ordering two of every course on the menu, and it’s one way to ensure that you’re more than full at the end of a meal. Your server may secretly be hoping your gratuity is a bit larger for their generous favors they’ve provided.

The Delicious Dozen
On most cruises there will be informal dining, such as a buffet, formal, and anytime dining options. This featured eating strategy is specifically for the anytime dining option and requires a ginormous appetite. After dinner you go to the anytime dining option and order a dozen of your favorite deserts to chow on for the rest of the evening. While your chance of stomachache increases exponentially, there’s no doubt that this dining plan will make sure you get the most out of your all-inclusive investment.

The Sampler
The options for food in an all-inclusive situation are numerous, and this plan is designed to take advantage of the amount of food available. In this plan diners get the chance to try a little of every restaurant, every food, and every desert available on the ship. Be careful, make sure that you’re eating small amounts of everything, otherwise this plan can go wrong very quickly, as I’ve personally experienced.

Once you book an all-inclusive trip, one of the most important things to think about is your plan to conquer all of the dining options. The most important things to remember is to find a plan that works for you and remember that everything is healthy when traveling!